Me, Myself and my Hair

– I’ve got the worst hair on the planet, I hate them!

– God!! My hair look so good today!

I know you can get me! We are all a little bit like that speaking of hair.. Some days we love them, and some days we don’t. It’s part of the process, and it is very hard to find the right cut, color and style.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Balayage technique..that sunkissed, beachy look that goes so well along with loose waves. I have dark brown hair with really dark eyebrows, and I’ve been wanting to try this color for a long time, but I’m afraid to end up too blonde!!

It seems to be the “color” of the year since I’ve seen it on so many people and celebrities too, and because of that, many coloring companies have created kits to reproduce the style at home. So I thought, why not? And I bought the L’Oréal Colorista “Balayage” because I thought I could do it!

It comes in a cute box like this:


And it says “highlights with a natural effect”. That’s what I hope, but unfortunately it wasn’t like that.

You are provided with the bleaching powder and the color to mix it together, a pair of gloves, and a strange comb to apply the mixture.

I tried, strictly following the instructions and thinking about all the tutorials I saw on YouTube.. I waited the time reported on the box, but when I washed my hair..nothing has changed! Too bad. Maybe it was because my initial color was too dark, and so the lighter shades didn’t show up.

But I was so disappointed, that I decided to buy another box, in another color! And so I went out and bought the L’Oréal Colorista in the shade “Ombré”

Lighter right? This time I was sure to get the perfect shade. Same process, different color.

Did I got the result? No! I ended up with orange hair..

The thing is, girls..if you want to have a particular hair color, go to a good salon, and let a technician take care of your hair!

I’m sorry L’Oréal, but our love story ends here!


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