Concealer: a Color Correcting Guide

There’s so much to say about this topic… We struggle everyday to neutralize or enhance some parts of our face: on one hand, there are some of us, that want to get rid of those unwanted under eye black circe, on the other there is someone who is trying to hide red tones.

But we have a guide for that! There is a specific way to use all the different colors of concealer, and by following it, you’ll never be upset about your skin tone.

Let’s start by saying that among all the concealers, and all its shades that combines with our skin color, there are some others that come in five bright colors, and are used to correct, neutralize and hide. Lavender, green, peach, yellow and pink, these are the colors you should pick if you have some imperfections that you wish to hide.

Lavender: Concerns sallowness, it is great for neutralizing skin with a yellow under tone.

Green: Hides redness, perfect if you mix it with primer. Be careful!! Use a very very small amount of product, otherwise you will end up looking grey!

Peach: Made for dark circe, the blue-hued ones. Goes best for deeper skin tones.

Yellow: Concerne dullness. This one is perfect to hide purple-hued dark circles, or brightening lackluster complexions.

Pink: Gives light to dark areas and disguises dark circles too, particularly on fair skin tones. Also works well as a highlighter and creates a lifted appearance.

You already found yours?


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