Introducing: Dirty Belle

A few days ago, I met a girl and her name is Naj. I know this will make you think ‘Ok…so?’ but I’d like to introduce you to my new friend, and the creator of Dirty Belle.

Dirty Belle is a plant-based skincare and beauty brand that caught my attention for its range of 100% natural products, and we all know how these kinds of products are good for the skin, and ensure outstanding results in respect of the epidermis; they use natural ingredients derived from plants, flowers, foods, and oils.

So I said, ‘why not getting in touch with her?’, we exchanged a few emails in which I addressed her questions about the brand, and here I am telling you what we said.

She told me that she always loved skincare products as much as culinary, so one day, she decided to mix this two passions into one and that’s how Dirty Belle came to life, providing the best scrubs to exfoliate, soothe, repair and moisturize your skin! The brand officially started in March 2017, when she realized that so many people have become conscious of  the “green” way of life and started to take a lot more care of themselves, but still applied harsh and toxic cleansers and topical creams and gels on their skin, the largest organ of their body.

This is a conrtadiction, isn’t it?

I wanted people to become more conscious of what they apply on their skin. You don’t need chemicals or harsh additives to clean or hydrate your skin. We want people to go green with their skincare routines as well!” She said.

As for the moment, they have 3 products: Green Tea Poppi, Almond Rose, and Berry Me In Oats. Green Tea Poppi is the antioxidant rich scrub that uses camellia sinensis, matcha, poppy seed and more, to give a nice exfoliation of your skin while repairing and correcting your damaged skin a healthy way. If you want to go green, but with a little bit of luxe try the Almond Rose scrub, that infuse real almonds, rose petals, rose oils and extracts, to give a luminous and romantic glow. The last one, Berry Me In Oats is the vitamin C rich scrub, using strawberries, oats, and the hibiscus flower.

Naj said: “All of our scrubs serve a purpose. Also, our scrubs smell heavenly and amazing! We constantly have to remind people that it is to be used topically and not for consumption! 🙂” 

But I wanted to know more..I wanted to know her secret to success! And she told me that the greatest strength Dirty Belle has is that it is one of the first skin-food companies out right now; and they are starting this revolution earlier than bigger companies. All of their products are natural, sustainable, and have grown from the ground and not in a lab. THIS is what we all should pretend for our skin!

But how can such precious products cost nearly 20$? And what she answered me was: “We want everyone to be able to afford healthier skincare products! That’s why our pricing is fair.

Coming to the end of our conversation I thought asking directly to her what was the best way to use Dirty Belle products and if there’s a favorite one for her…

Using the scrub once or twice a week. I usually get a bowl, pour some of the product in. Get in the shower and dampen my skin all over and then get a fistful of the product and work from my face to my body. Let it sit for a minute or two then rinse off.

For sure, the Green Tea Poppi! It really helps minimize the appearance of my stretch marks and when I need my skin to look revitalized and smooth, this is my go to scrub!

Final question: What is your biggest dream? “My biggest dream is to have more girls using my products and going green, even with their skin care regimen!

And that was it, hope you like it as much as I did! Let’s go green everyone!

You can be updated on everything Naj’s on trough DB website by clicking here or her Instagram account which is here.


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