HAUL: Spring Skincare routine

Hey there!

Yesterday I bought some skincare products to update my night and day skin routine. I recently began to notice little small dots under my skin because I was using a face cream that was not too good, so I spoke to my dermatologist (I will not mention the brand!), to have a professional advice on what was happening, and what I shoul use instead.

I have to admit it..I HATE cleaning my skin, especially at night! You know.. you come home late, you are so sleepy but you still have to take your make up off? Come on, we all have this feeling! But anyways, I do it all mornings and all nights because my grandmother thaught me so. For this, there was a time when I didn’t wanted to spend for a great face cream, and I (silly me!) said to myself “This is cheaper..the brand is famous, I’ll get this!”

NO. I was wrong.. and now my skin is telling me so.

Coming back to what my dermatologist said.. it seems that this particular cream, has created onto my face a layer of grease, and so my poor skin couldn’t breathe no more.

So she suggested me to but some Avène products, which I have to say I am very proud of. I bought: the Mousse Nettoyante that is a mattifying foam to cleanse the skin, the Fluide Matifiant which is a light mattifying hydrating cream, and the Gommage Doux Purifiant, a gentle purifying scrub to use twice a week.

Uh! I was about to forget.. I took also the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye to fight my black circles under the eye area. Here the products

Schermata 2017-03-13 alle 16.40.18



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