What Goes First?

I know you’re already totally down with makeup..but, there surely are some steps that you are missing! So today, I’m gonna be talking about the correct steps you need to take to put make up on the right way.

First of all; you need to properly clean your skin! So..

  • Whash your face with some cleanser
  • Do a scrub (once or twice a week is best)
  • Put moisturizer on (a light or very hydrating one, depending on your skin type)
  • Sunscreen

I know it is already a lot of steps, but I promise that you will not regret it!

Now it’s time for Primer! A primer is the best thing to use if you want your makeup to set on to your face and do not fade during the day or the night; it prepares the skin and make it even.

Moving on:

  • Foundation or BB Cream (Depending on your skin type and on your preferences!)
  • Concealer (There will ever be a day when we will not need any concealer?)
  • Contouring
  • Setting Powder (You can decide to bake your makeup in the under eye area, or apply the setting powder lightly just to set the base)

Now. Eyebrows, Eyes and Cheeks:

  • Eyebrow pencil or poder to outline your arch
  • Concealer for under and over the line

For the eyes it is a little bit tricky or customizable..But let’s try:

  • Eye primer (You can either use a primer or even the concealer)
  • Lid and Crease/Outer Corner Eyeshadow
  • Inner Corner illuminator
  • Eyeliner or Pencil
  • Lash Curler
  • Mascara / False Lashes

Lips, lips, lips!

  • Lip primer (You can put even a simple hydrating cream, or a chapstick.. try put it befor doing your base, so in the meantime the lips will absorb them well!)
  • Lip pencil
  • Lipstick or Lipgloss
  • Concealer (To erase any mistake you could have made!)

Here we are.. the final part!

  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Highlighter

To finish it all you can use a setting spray or setting powder, to really fix your makeup and make it last throughout the day or night.


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