Essence Cosmetics..or Sephora?

There’s so much choice on the market, that you might get confused when buying cosmetic stuff. The famous brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior etc.. offers a very large variety of makeup, but their prices do not always help.

But apart from them, there are plenty of brands that offers such as the same quality (or even better sometimes), and came in a lower set of prices.

So today, my focus will be on some things that I recently bought and they’re from the brand Essence Cosmetics, and Sephora. It is a long time now that I’ve been struggling to find the perfect shade of nude lipstick, and I think I finally found one. I’m talking about the Semi-matte Lipstick in ‘Natural Pink’ (n° 07)  from Sephora. It is semi-matte meaning that it has a bit of creaminess, and it’s easy to pass. So much better than the Velvet Stick from Essence Cosmetics which claims to give a silky matte effect, but unfortunately, it is so thick that covers the lips highlighting every single imperfection you may have. 😦

Moving on, the Stay Natural Concealer in ‘Soft Honey’ from Essence Cosmetics, it is very easy to use, but maybe all of its four shades are a bit too pinky and light, but..nevermind, it can always be used as a good highlighter rather than a concealer!

I give a full 10 to the Forbidden Mascara from Essence Cosmetics, that gives immediately extra volume without any lumps, but be sure to dump all the excess of product.

Brows, brows, brows! No pencil will ever be the one to draw the perfect brows, but this one will definitely do the trick. I’m talking about the Waterproof Brow Pencil from Sephora that with the mini comb and its ultra fine tip allows you to fill in eyebrows getting a natural result Ultra. Its long-lasting waterproof formula gives a perfect hold.

Combining the Waterproof Brow Pencil with the Brow Liner (always form Sephora), you can achieve the perfect brows! it is a liner powder to structure, intensify and thicken the eyebrows for a natural result, or more sophisticated. The liner allows to fill the most sparse and thin eyebrows and instantly accentuate the look with built-in foam applicator and the formula in ultra fine powder that blends with the eyebrows.



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