REVIEW | OPI Nail Envy

Strenght is beauty, even when we talk about nails! So today, I will talk to you about this miraculous nail polish. You know that awkward period when you feel the urge to buy every single nail polish you see, but then you look at your nails and what..NO NAILS TO PAINT??

You can understand me? Because I pass this situation like every month!

I have a problem with my nails, or probably with my diet, and because of that my nails don’t grow so fast or so long, so I have to help me with some growth stimulator or nail strengtheners. This was a big problem for me, because it made me feel uncomfortable, and I did not feel at ease even in wearing rings..I swear I’ve tried every single nail growth stimulator there is on the market..ALL OF THEM! I think my mother still hates me, for all the money I had her spend on this nail polishes or manicure.

Then one lucky day, browsing through YouTube, I found this girl that was video reviewing the OPI Nail Envy Original formula, and she was even showing the pictures she took for 30 days, since day one. I can assure you the difference was unreal!! So, I took my bag and ran out of the house to buy it..The Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengtheners comes in six custom formulas, developed to meet every need. They really have one for every situation, such as: Dry & Brittle nails, Sensitive & Peeling nails, The Original Formula, Healthy Maintenance, Matte Formula, Soft & Thin nails.

I personally use the Original Formula, and I love it! You have to use it like that: The treatment lasts a week (you can obviously repeat it anytime you like) and when you’re using it for the first time, you have to put two coats of the product on each nail, then, a coat for each following day. At the end of the week you wipe all the coats off and start again. Using this for a month really guarantee an extra growth of your nails and will make them very very strong. There’s now a new line of Nails Strengtheners, which add four shades of pink to the nail strengthening formula.



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